Piontkovsky: US will give Ukraine missiles for 1,000 km, and Poland – planes (video)

Katerina Chernovol 00:53, 11.11.22 UNIAN

According to Piontkovsky, Poland decided to transfer Soviet Su-24 aircraft to Ukraine.

Ukraine may receive Su-24 aircraft from Poland, Piontkovsky believes / photo from UNIAN
Ukraine may receive Su-24 aircraft from Poland, Piontkovsky believes / photo from UNIAN

The United States of America and Poland intend to provide Ukraine with new weapons. The United States will supply SCALP air-launched missiles with a range of 1,000 kilometers, and Poland will supply Su-24 aircraft equipped with these missiles. 

As Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky stated in a new issue of the Argument program on  UNIAN , Russian strikes against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure could push the US to take this step. 

“If they (Russia – ed.) continue these barbaric bombardments of infrastructure, then public opinion and Ukrainian diplomacy will break this Western and American stereotype so that Ukraine “wins quietly.” Because the price of this “victory quietly “It will be too obvious – these are tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives destroyed. And I think that it will no longer be possible in response to such war crimes not to supply a very simple thing – these are long-range ATACMS missiles to HIMARS. And now, I know for sure about this, in Washington is seriously discussing an even more terrible weapon for the Russians – these are SCALP air-launched cruise missiles with a range of 1,000 kilometers,” the political scientist said.

Moreover, according to Piontkovsky, Poland decided to transfer Soviet Su-24 aircraft to Ukraine.

“Now we are equipping these Soviet aircraft, which are perfectly controlled by Ukrainian pilots, with these SCALP missiles. Then this whole situation changes, and then in response to every attack on the infrastructure of Kharkov, there will be a strike on the infrastructure, I don’t know, Kursk. the infrastructure of Kyiv – for the infrastructure of Moscow,” he added. 

Piontkovsky believes that after the supply of these weapons, the only advantage of the Russian army will be eliminated.

“The maximum missiles that are currently being delivered to Ukraine for HIMARS are 80 km, and air-launched missiles that are launched from aircraft – the Russians themselves boast, they launch them from somewhere in the Caspian Sea – this is 2,000 km. This is an order of magnitude higher. This the only way to stop these crimes,” Piontkovsky summed up. 

Armament for Ukraine

The United States and other partners are supplying Ukraine with weapons to fight Russian aggression. 

On November 10, 2022, National Security Adviser to the President of the United States of America Jacob Sullivan announced that the United States would announce a new aid package for Ukraine. According to Sullivan, we are also talking about missiles for the Hawk air defense systems and for the American Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems, which are equipped with Stinger missiles.

In addition, US President Joe Biden has  hinted that long-range missiles for HIMARS may have already been transferred to Ukraine.



    • That’s phenomenal news Redders! If true, it’s the proverbial game-changer. No need to wait for putler’s next terror atrocity; hit the fucks right away.
      These missiles also could be used to wipe out orc artillery on the left bank presumably?
      Quote from Mr Piontkovsky from wiki:
      “Putin has stolen the ideology of the Russian Reich from the domestic Hitlerites, he has preventively burned them down, using their help to do so, hundreds of their most active supporters in the furnace of the Ukrainian Vendée.”
      He sounds like a great bloke. I don’t think I had heard of him before.
      The quote about Biden is questionable, because didn’t the old duffer just say he ruled out long range missiles?

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      • I don’t know if I’d give him too much trust because he used to live in ruzzia and now in the US. There are rumors he used to work for the FSB. As far as I can tell he’s about 50/50 with Ukrainians. I guess a pinch of salt may be in order but I LOVE the idea.

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  1. Even if longer range missiles are being provided, Ukraine still needs Western planes. But SCALP would be an awesome addition to what’s being sent and sounds like some Su 24s we’re adapted to are modified for them.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. “It will be too obvious – these are tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives destroyed.”

    Tens of thousands have already died. Let’s get it on with these newest weapons deliveries and save Ukrainian lives!

    Liked by 3 people

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