Kremlin says Kherson’s status as ‘part of Russia’ unchanged despite retreat

MOSCOW, Nov 11 (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Friday that Russian forces’ withdrawal from Kherson would not change the status of the region, which Moscow has proclaimed part of Russia after moving to annex it from Ukraine.

Russia claimed Kherson and three other Ukrainian regions after holding what it called referendums in September – votes that were denounced by Kyiv and Western governments as illegal and coercive. But on Wednesday, in a major retreat, it announced its forces would pull out of Kherson city in the face of a major Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters the region’s status was “fixed” and that no changes were possible.

“It is a subject of the Russian Federation – it is legally fixed and defined. There are no changes and there can be no changes,” Peskov said.

He said Russia did not regret announcing the annexation of Kherson and the other three regions in a triumphal ceremony in Moscow on Sept. 30.

In the Kremlin’s first public comments since Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Russian forces would withdraw from Kherson city to the opposite side of the River Dnipro, Peskov said it was a decision taken by the defence ministry and he had “nothing to add.”

He said Russia remained committed to achieving the goals of what it calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The conflict “can only be ended after its goals have been achieved – or by achieving those goals through peace negotiations,” Peskov said.

“However, due to the position taken by the Ukrainian side, peace talks are impossible,” he added.

There have been no public attempts to reconvene peace talks between the two sides since early initiatives at a ceasefire in Istanbul during the first weeks of the conflict broke down without progress.

Following the annexations, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy signed a decree on Oct. 4 formally declaring the prospect of any Ukrainian talks with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin “impossible”, but leaving the door open to talks with Russia.


  1. “It is a subject of the Russian Federation – it is legally fixed and defined. There are no changes and there can be no changes,” Peskov said.

    You need to look at a map of the latest russian retreat peskov. Ukraine have taken back their land, and there is fuck all you or your terrorists can do about it, except whine.

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  2. The nazi toad has just signaled no negotiations.
    There has to be a response. I’ve given up on Biden providing long range ballistic missiles, ATACM’s, Abrams tanks or F16’s. He only wants to help Ukraine defend herself; that’s all.
    In this case, Ukraine needs cash to buy planes and offensive weaponry needed.
    Poland and Britain must step up and massively increase their help.
    Due to abysmal cuts, the RAF now has the smallest stock of aircraft in its history. However, it does have a number of mothballed Tornadoes. They could assemble at least one squadron of these 40 year olds, provide tech support and training and the Ukrainians could be flying sorties in double quick time.
    Beloved by RAF vets, they can fire a range of missiles, including long range cruise missiles. They can drop bombs and can engage enemy fighters in combat. They are still pretty fast too; more than a match for the putinazis Frogfoots.
    Ukraine could still lose this war; Biden seems to have gone as far as he will go.
    Poland and Britain: step up. Now.

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