Broken trucks with washing machines: how the invaders fled from the Kherson region (video)

The Russians prepared in advance to escape, but did not manage to take the loot.

Sad stories are already beginning to appear that the rashists killed and tortured civilians / screenshot
Sad stories are already beginning to appear that the rashists killed and tortured civilians / screenshot

The Ukrainian army demonstrates success in the Kherson region, from where the invaders fled in a hurry, although they prepared for this in advance. So, on the roadsides of the already liberated settlements of the region, the military see broken trucks with washing trucks.

As reported in the new TSN story, the rashists wanted to take out the loot, but did not have time. The invaders were not interested in the preservation of their military equipment, but in looting.

Residents of already liberated settlements rejoice when they see the Armed Forces of Ukraine. People do not hold back tears, they run out into the streets and greet the military. Sad stories are already beginning to appear that the rashists killed and tortured civilians.

People are in a hurry to tell the Armed Forces of Ukraine everything, they help them and tell them exactly where the invaders lived and which houses need to be checked. And on the roadsides you can see a lot of broken cars, the invaders fled, but they were caught up by the “punishment” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. road to Kherson is littered with broken cars with washing machines

Liberation of the Kherson region: what is known

On November 11, as UNIAN already reported, it became clear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were waiting in Kherson. The flag of Ukraine appeared over the building of the Regional State Administration , and later videos with the military, who were near the city, began to appear on the network.

OK Yug was the first to officially, albeit cautiously, comment on the information about the liberation of Kherson . Subsequently, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed that the Ukrainian military were entering Kherson, which had been occupied since the beginning of March. 

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. A lot of work still to be done to clear traps and mines, locals are helping the UAF trace places and telling their stories after they joyfully greet them.🇺🇦

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    • No mercy for those raping orcs pinned up against the Dnipro river. Let them lay down their arms and surrender or send them to the Kobzan concert in hell. I don’t care. If anyone is on the fence about it, remember Ilovaisk and Debaltseve..
      Slava Ukraini~!!

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