Near Kherson, AFU Destroy Fleeing Russian Federation Columns In Oleshky, Kakhovka HPP

The invaders tried to cross the Dnieper, but were “caught up” by HIMARS

10 NOVEMBER 2022

In the night of November 9-10, powerful explosions were heard in various settlements in the temporarily occupied Kherson region. The invaders attempted to cross the river in the darkness, but the Russian stratagem did not work.

The Kherson telegram channels report loud “pops” with detonation near the Antonivsky bridge and Oleshky, which locals heard around midnight.

Kherson journalist Konstantin Ryzhenko gives details of the “arrival”. According to his information, at 22:03, the occupants cut off all Internet communication in Kherson (both wired and mobile). At the same time, Russian troops started to drive their equipment and personnel over the Antonivsky bridge. They were then caught up by HIMARS.

At about the same time, according to the Mykolaiv Vanek channel, which cooperates with the Defence Forces in the south, there was a “hit” on another Russian convoy near the Kakhovka hydropower dam, accompanied by a large-scale detonation.


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