Mothers that are waiting for us. That’s why we must liberate the whole territory of #Ukraine 🇺🇦

From the LinkedIn page of Yana Rudenko

❌ #propaganda spotted 🤡
I see a new propagandistic narrative from russians: “we are ready to negotiate, we can talk, but Ukrainians don’t want to have negotiations.” They try to put the responsibility for the war, for murdered people on the Ukrainian side.

We didn’t start this war. This war is going on exclusively on Ukrainian territory. Any time they can leave our land, our houses, any time they can stop bombing our territory if they want peace if they want to stop the war. But russians continue. What negotiations? 

Negotiations can be started only after the whole territory of Ukraine are free from russian occupants. Where our relatives, parents, cousins, aunts, etc – Ukrainians are under russian occupation, under the terror of #russia and russians. 

We have seen cruel scenes of liberated 🩸 #Bucha, #Irpin, #Izium, and other towns, where russians were torturing Ukrainians who were born there, and lived their whole life there. The sooner we liberate those russian occupied territories, the more chances that we can save the lives of Ukrainians. 

russia stops fighting, there will be no war, #Ukraine stops fighting, there will be no Ukraine.

ArmUkraine #ArmUkraineNow

standforukraine #standwithukraine #ukraine #supportukraine

Yana’s video:

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