ISW: Battle of Kherson not over as Russian forces enter new phase

November 10, 2022

Ukraine Interactive Map, 10 November 2022

Russian forces are withdrawing their forces across the Dnipro River in order to delay Ukrainian forces, rather than attempting to halt Ukraine’s counteroffensive entirely, the Insitute for the Study of War said in its latest update

The withdrawal will take time, however, and it remains to be seen if Russia can conduct it in “relatively good order under Ukrainian pressure,” the ISW said. 

The think tank also said Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive to force Russian troops to withdraw across the Dnipro without the need for major ground offensives has likely succeeded.


  1. UA forces must bag as many cockroaches as possible. Thus, it’s essential to hinder their crossing of the river. As for the city itself, time will tell how this situation will develop.

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    • Another complication: In January, the Dnieper can freeze solid. Not enough to support heavy equipment, but troops could cross on foot.
      Ideally you wouldn’t want those bastards sitting over there for very long.

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      • If UA forces can bag enough of the cockroaches, those left on the left bank will be too weakened and demoralized to be anywhere near effective to resist a crossing by the Ukrainians. The Dnepro was crossed twice in WWII, once from west to east, and then from east to west. By the way, it’s easier to cross it from the west, since the river bank is lower on the east.

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