Georgian Stories


By Lemuel Chyme. Nov 10, 2022

Nicholas Sarkozy is a convicted criminal.

Wiki: “In 2021, Sarkozy was convicted of corruption in two separate trials. His first conviction resulted in him receiving a sentence of three years, two of them suspended and one in prison; he has appealed against the ruling. For his second conviction, he received a one-year sentence, which he is allowed to serve under home confinement.”

In 2008, the Putin-friendly Sarkozy was chosen by the EU to “negotiate” the end of the Russian invasion of Georgia. In only five days, the city of Gori had been sacked, looted and many innocent people were tortured and killed by Russian savages, whose behaviour was accurately depicted in the movie; Five Days of War, directed by Renny Harlin in 2011. It starred Andy Garcia, Val Kilmer, Heather Graham and Rupert Friend.

Pro-Russia elements in Hollywood may well have conspired to limit its distribution and it was a box office failure. It could be seen in full on YouTube until quite recently. However, it has now been mysteriously removed, possibly due to Russian pressure.

Despite the events depicted in the movie, no action was taken to protect or help Georgia in any way. The Georgians were just left alone to fend for themselves. Since 2012, they have been ruled by Georgian Dream, which deployed the techniques used by Paul Manafort in Ukraine to secure victory. They have remained in power ever since, thanks to sham elections.

Sarkozy gifted 20% of Georgian land to Russia and recommended that the EU blame Georgia for the despicable attack. Incredibly the EU did just that; even producing an official report to that effect, which kremlin shills like Peter Hitchens are able to use constantly as a reference point in their lying articles.

When Putin’s terrible Holocaust in Ukraine is finally over, the EU; specifically the Franco-German alliance that runs it, should have to pay reparations for willfully blocking the entry of Georgia and Ukraine into Nato.

Merkel and Hollande, seemingly working for the interests of the kremlin rather than Ukraine, inflicted the trickery and deception of The Minsk agreements upon Ukraine. They will have to be investigated independently, along with Lukashenko.

Any competent lawyer should have no difficulty convicting all three of covertly colluding with Russia The evidence is overwhelming.

Regrettably, the western powers abandoned Georgia and it is now under the shady rule of a Russian oligarch with a Georgian name; Bidzina Ivanishvili. His ruling Georgian Dream Party has this year allowed Tbilisi to be swarming with Russian draft dodgers; 76,000 of them. Some may be liberals; most are not.

Georgian Dream runs on the Yedinaya Rossiya business model. As we can see in this fascinating article:

The Georgian Dream Party has profited from this terrible war, but they have put Georgia in great danger. The security risk from this massive influx is obvious:-

The people of Georgia are enormously supportive of Ukraine. Volunteers from this tiny country are greater in numbers than any other foreign volunteers in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Outside a Carrefore branch on Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi. There are many appearing elsewhere throughout the city.

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