Chris Steele talks to John Sweeney

The Nord Ost seige is back under the spotlight. He believes that, like the earlier apartment bombings, it was staged for the benefit of the dictator.

Article from 10 years ago:


  1. The interview with Chris Steele is gripping. Kremlin shills Alex Jones and David Icke frequently refer to “false flag” operations which they claim are conducted by the CIA, Mossad or MI6. A practice enthusiastically followed of course by RT. Even the disgusting nazi puppet Lukashenka referred to Bucha as “staged by British special forces.”
    In reality, false flag events do indeed take place. But they are always arranged by putler, who is more than happy to murder Russians, put others in the frame and make himself look good.
    The apartment bombings were what enabled him to murder one third of the population of Chechnya.
    At nord ost, the “terrorists” and hundreds of civilians were attacked with an unknown gas. Doctors were not provided with an antidote or informed as to what it was. The “terrorists” were all shot dead as they lay unconscious. No survivors, so no interrogations were possible.

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  2. Clearly and without a shadow of doubt, the West had been far too lenient with the rat and his crime syndicate, and this for far too long, and, concurrently, with all the filthy little parasites in the West that support him.

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    • Facts, I would not be surprised if the next horror to come under the spotlight is Beslan. Anna Politkovskaya was investigating and the first attempted murder on her was a poisoning by an Aeroflot stewardess on her flight back to Moscow from Beslan.

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