Biden hinted that HIMARS long-range missiles have already been transferred to Ukraine

According to the US President, Ukraine does not receive only those missiles that can reach the territories of the Russian Federation.

The President of the United States told what requests Ukraine was denied / photo
The President of the United States told what requests Ukraine was denied / photo ua.

US President Joe Biden hinted that long-range missiles for HIMARS could already have been transferred to Ukraine earlier. He also said exactly which missiles were not provided.

At a press conference following the results of the congressional elections, the results of which were published on the White House website, Biden noted that long-range missiles 257 kilometers could allegedly have already been transferred to Ukraine.

Thus, the President of the United States told what requests Ukraine was denied. According to Biden, missiles with a range of almost 1,000 kilometers were not provided to our country. However, speaking about this, he hinted that other missiles had already been transferred.

“We provide these HIMARS. There are two types. Speaking in human terms, these are missiles that you can insert into them. One flies over 600 miles (965 km. – UNIAN), and the other one flies about 160 miles (257 km. – UNIAN We didn’t let them go 600 miles because I don’t want them to start bombing Russian territory,” Biden was quoted as saying by the White House. 

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  1. Now we have a problem. We either trust journalists with numbers or an 80-year old career politician that will say anything, literally anything.
    My understanding is that the HIMARS missiles were of the 45 and 270 mile ranges. Also, my understanding was we were just getting the 45 mile missiles. Bring on the 270s we will make our own 600s 🙂

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    • I have been checking. There are 3 of them. A successor to the ATACMS are in development and may have been completed by now. It is called PrSM, which has a minimum of 500 km range.
      The maximum range is unknown.

      Maybe there is something going on behind the scenes. The U.S. and its allies do not have a lot of ATACMS, and the production lines have been closed 15 years ago. The U.S. has only a few hundreds of them in total, which do not all have the 300km range.

      Most European countries only have like 50 of those missiles.
      In a high intensity war hundreds of these missiles are needed.

      Maybe Ukraine already got some of them, for example to shell the Crimean airport, but Western countries do not want to give them because they will ran out of them themselves.

      It could be that the U.S. was awaiting the completion of the PrSM programme, so the U.S. will not be without long range missiles for their M270 and HIMARS.

      At least I think this news item is really good news, as it could mean Ukraine already has some ATACMS, but just in limited quantity as the U.S. doesn’t have a lot of them themselves.

      It would explain the attack on the airfield in Crimea and maybe also the Crimean bridge.

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  2. Biden, for once in your useless political career, make a solid and wise decision and send to Ukraine what is needed. Stand up to your decision like a real man. Speak strongly and truly believe in the good you would be doing.
    Don’t slither around like a snake, don’t cower like a scared bunny! You are POTUS, for Christ’s sake!

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  3. Well, if this is true than this is good news right?
    Also, I was thinking about this before as with the latest package of 400 million all types of ammunitions were specified, but not those for HIMARS.

    Maybe Ukraine DOES have ATACMS already.

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