Russian troops blow up multiple bridges in occupied western-bank Kherson Oblast – media (updated)


Blown up Dariivka bridge in Kherson Oblast.

The Dariivka bridge has been blown up in the occupied part of Kherson Oblast, Pryamyi.

The Dariivka bridge is the only crossing across the Inhulets river in the Russian-occupied western-bank part of Kherson Oblast. The Inhulets divides the occupied area into two parts with the city of Kherson in the western part and Beryslav in the east.

Previously, Ukrainian GMLRS strikes made the Dariivka bridge unusable for heavy equipment.

Bridges blown up in occupied Kherson Oblast (locations marked with the explosion pictograms). Map: Liveuamap

According to local reports, the Russians have destroyed two bridges in Tiahynka halfway between Beryslav and Dariivka, and in bridges over a canal at frontline Snihurivka.

One of at least two blown up bridges across a canal near occupied Snihurivka, Kherson Oblast. Source.

Destruction of bridges can be part of a Russian plan to retreat from the entire western-bank part of Kherson Oblast.


According to a local Telegram channel, the Russians blew up bridges in multiple locations in the western bank Kherson oblast. Russian media say all bridges and overpasses get destroyed to slow down the Ukrainian advancement:

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