New FB post from Oleksii Goncharenko. “Good results for Ukraine”

Just now

Overall across the United States: very good results for Ukraine. Straight up very much.

Those who were strongly against helping Ukraine – mostly did not get to the Senate or the House of Representatives. There are a couple of people who managed to win, but it is a small number and they will have no support in any chambers of Congress.

Ukraine remains with two-party support in Congress.

Great friends of Ukraine such as Marcy Captur, Brian Fitzpatrick, Michael McColl, Harry Palmer have all re-elected and will continue their work in Washington!


  1. He names some politicians who he believes to be strong friends of Ukraine:

    Marcy Kaptur, Brian Fitzpatrick, Michael McColl, Harry Palmer.
    So I looked them up. The first three do indeed have excellent and supportive attitudes to Ukraine. But the last one; Harry Palmer, is a mystery. He is known in the UK as a fictional character in spy movies played (very well) by Michael Caine.
    Can US readers enlighten us as to who is Mr Palmer and why they think Mr Goncharenko singled out these particular politicians for praise?
    I thought Roger Wicker was Ukraine’s best advocate and Oleksii has posted pics of himself in the past with Mr Wicker.

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