Zelenskyy: Ukraine has received new air defence systems; we are moving towards 100% protection of the sky


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has announced that Ukraine has received new anti-aircraft defence systems that significantly strengthen its air defence.

SourceZelenskyy’s evening speech

Quote from Zelenskyy: “We also received new systems that significantly strengthen our air defence. The protection of the Ukrainian sky is, of course, not 100%, but we are gradually moving towards our goal.

As of today, we can say that the recent escalation of Russian missile and drone terror has only resulted in the world responding – the world is responding with new aid to Ukraine. We will do everything in our power to ensure that as many countries as possible join this aid.”

Details: According to Zelenskyy, on Monday, the occupiers struck more than 50 cities and towns in Donbas, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast using rockets, aircraft, and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).

Background: Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has reported that anti-aircraft systems NASAMS and Aspide arrived in Ukraine.



    • It’s great but so late! If the people of the most bombed cities like Mykolaiv and Kharkiv can sleep a little better, that will be a great relief for them.
      Dennis Davidoff claims that long range ballistic missiles (1000 km) are on the way, in his latest video. I hope he’s got that right.

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      • I hope too.
        I followed him too but he often is overly optimistic on what Ukraine gets. He jumps on every rumour.

        He is a great guy, don’t get me wrong, but I think he is a bit too hopeful every now and then.

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        • I like watching him for what he reports and how he reports it. Most of all I like the fact when he messes up or gets it wrong he says so. A man with great moral compass, I hope he gets to fly again soon. He was saying how he missed the view of being above the clouds, or seeing the vast horizon of beautiful Ukraine.

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