Ukrainian hackers launched Zelensky’s appeal through surveillance cameras in the Russian Federation: the reaction of the Russians was caught on video


Ukrainian hackers broke surveillance cameras with microphones on the territory of the Russian Federation. Thanks to this, they recently launched an appeal by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the Russians in a number of Russian institutions with a story about the crimes of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people and a warning about the consequences.

The reaction of the frightened citizens of the aggressor country was caught on video. OBOZREVATEL footage was transmitted by hackers from the “Front Conversations of the Occupants” group.

Ukrainian hackers gained access to a significant number of cameras with a microphone in the Russian Federation. And they decided to use such opportunities to the maximum – they reproduced one of the evening addresses of the Ukrainian president, made by him in Russian, so that the addressees – residents of the Russian Federation – could understand it.

Part of the video material was provided by the OBOZREVATEL hacker group “Front-line conversations of the occupiers”. The footage captured the invaluable reaction of the Russians – a mixture of fear and surprise.

The citizens of the aggressor country heard Zelensky’s words that Russia, by starting a war against Ukraine and trying to occupy our country, doomed itself to the catastrophe that it tried to bring to the Ukrainians.

The war against Ukraine launched the beginning of the collapse of the statehood of the Russian Federation, Zelensky said. He also spoke about the terrible crimes of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine: murders, torture, robberies. At the same time, the Kremlin condemned the population of Russia to the extermination and torture of the secret services.

Zelensky noted: criminals from the Russian Federation are destroying the Ukrainian economy, social sphere, culture – and all at the behest of one person who has settled in the Kremlin. So if the Russians do not stop the dictator Vladimir Putin, in the next decades they will face darkness, impoverishment and the absence of basic human rights.

Recall that on Independence Day in the temporarily occupied Crimea, hackers launched Zelensky’s appeal on TV and called on the invaders to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The reaction of Crimeans to this appeal was also captured on video.


  1. What good idea! Although, it won’t change anything, it’s good for the ruskies to hear what Zelensky has to say without any manipulation by the mafiosi media.

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