Ukraine has established the production of ammunition for artillery: we will definitely win


We were silent about this, of course, but since the Minister of Defense said, then in principle there is no point in hiding for us.

The history of the creation of Ukrainian heavy ammunition went quickly, naturally because of the full scale. In May 2022, both our Ukroboronprom and the Ministry of Defense special exporters began to shout louder and louder “hey, shanovs, Europe is not rubber, and soon the arsenals of manufacturers and outbids will show the bottom.”

The stocks of Soviet-style ammunition offered for sale were rapidly melting, we were buying up everything that was possible, the army demanded ammunition, and urgently for yesterday. Some of the merchants frankly cheated or disrupted the concluded deals: Russian special exports worked against us on the military market, bringing together representatives of several pro-Russian countries and a huge pile of money, hundreds of times more than ours.

Therefore, the Ukroboronprom ammunition production project did not just start, but rushed by leaps and bounds. The jumps, however, were uneven: the developers had to solve not only day-to-day production problems (and there were a lot of them plus a small cart), but also purely applied aspects “where to stay so as not to gouge”, “how to ensure secrecy”, “and how to do secure logistics.

By the way, logistics is also considered to be safe – in our country there are no safe zones at all.

For some time, we seriously wanted to bury all the ammunition production underground. So far this seems like a good idea to me.

We started “from the wheels”, and are increasing the pace from month to month. Now it is thousands, if everything goes well, pah-pah – we will reach tens of thousands of shells per month. Once again, I want to glorify those employees of Ukroboronprom who came up with all this, calculated, spun it and moved forward. Those people, employees of enterprises, who every day go to enterprises and make one hundred and twenty-two, and one hundred and fifty-two, and one hundred and twenty.

Those leaders who made unpleasant, unpopular, but effective decisions, listening every day to “your Ukroboronprom doesn’t do shit.”

Mrs and Mrs, we are now making thousands of our own Ukrainian ammunition for artillery. 122, 152 mm for guns, 120 mm for mortars. On the instructions of the General Staff of the ZSU.

Congratulations , and thank you for believing in the Ukrainian defense factory potential.

We have the best people on the planet and we will definitely win.*MTY2NzkzMjAwOS4yNS4xLjE2Njc5MzIxMDguNjAuMC4w


  1. It’s downright spectacular what Ukraine has achieved in this war. And, despite the gigantic amount of problems, the country even managed to create artillery ammunition production!
    My hat goes off to this country … AGAIN!

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      • Maybe they even will rebuild their nuclear stockpile. This war has given them a harsh lesson about the values of strength and the worthlessness of empty promises.

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        • Absolutely. Ukraine found out nice guys finish last and they now have to be the big dog in the neighborhood and surely nukes will be part of it along with an iron dome. I sure hope NATO lets them in and puts a fucking base in Dnipro or somewhere.

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  2. Hope Ukraine is also able to make it’s own 35mm for the Gepard.

    Total victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Death to the temporary rashist occupiers!!! 💥🔥☠️

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