Seven million refugees crossed into Poland

From the LinkedIn page of Palle Mathiasen

Nov 8, 2022

Can you imagine if the entire population of my country, the Kingdom of Denmark, would cross into your country as refugees ?.

7 million refugees from Ukraine has crossed into Poland. This is more than the population of Denmark.

The gratitude and friendship between Poland and Ukraine will last generations.

#gratitude #Poland #Ukraine #russianinvasion #russia


  1. Is that the total number during the invasion, or was this a recent surge of refugees getting away from the fighting? I’ve sent a message to Liudmila, but she hasn’t sent anything for around a week. If there was a large number of refugees seeking the safety of Poland, then perhaps she was among them. Thankfully, she knows I will be landing in Rzeszow, Poland, but she might still be waiting for me in Kyiv.

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