“Putin is an international war criminal. You do not negotiate with such. These are the ones who get judged.”

From the FB page of Oleksii Arestovich

Nov 7

(Note: An imperfect translation by FB software, but the meaning is very, very clear).

  • All the so-called “… negotiations between Moscow and Washington”, which “… everything is discussed in the Western press” is a Russian information operation.

The Kremlin needs a break of a month in three as air: to pull up the mobilized ones, to pick up Iranian missiles and dandulets, to have time to pick up the equipment from storage and to freeze Ukraine a little, and – with new forces to continue the war.

The three main messages of the campaign:

  • “Ukraine will be forced to negotiate,”
  • “if Ukraine will resist, the West will refuse to support it,”
  • “Ukraine should withdraw its decision not to negotiate with Putin.”


It is impossible to force us to negotiate with Putin.

The President made it clear and this decision is not subject to review.

Putin is an international war criminal. You do not negotiate with such. These are the ones who get judged.

Plus, he probably will not live to the end of the war (at least as a political figure).

Why talk to a corpse?..

Regarding the state “Russian Federation” we have a negotiating position.

We are ready to begin negotiations with its new political leadership under the following, well-known conditions:

  • withdrawal of troops from all over Ukraine.

The subject of negotiations:

  • extradition of war criminals,
  • return of all captured prisoners,
  • payment of reparations,
  • the rules of further coexistence.

It’s not that we’re not ready for negotiations.

Russia does not want negotiations.

The Kremlin wants to meet its conditions – to leave all the “conquered” territories behind it.

This is not a negotiable position. This is the ultimatum.

I remind you that while the Kremlin stands in this pose, the Defense Forces of Ukraine have freed 37% captured by Russian troops since February 24.

The situation is as follows: – someone is slowly and methodically advancing to liberating all his territory, and someone is standing in the ultimate pose. )

Well, we’re more comfortable that way. )

Therefore, our message is very clear and clear:

  • Russia offers not negotiations, but an ultimatum. We are ready for negotiations – with the new Russian leadership, and we will roll the ultimatum with a straw and shove it straight to Sevastopol.
  1. The West will never fail to support us.

For reasons inherent in the West itself and its international tasks.

The West simply cannot afford to lose, nor even compromise, because this will mean the end of the West as it was before.

This explanation has practical proof:

  • the number and nomenclature of weapons and military equipment transmitted to us by the West is constantly expanding,
  • budgets for military production and deployment of military infrastructure in the West are growing most rapidly.

The most painful fact for Putin is that Europe has woken up and is unraveling the mechanism of readiness for military challenges more and more powerful.

With the rapidly expanding military measures by the West, Putin has been able to counter several organized articles in the Western media and several statements by Western politicians (usually with ex-preference).

It is necessary to understand that such rhetoric will always occur, because the strong side of Western civilization is public controversy.

But you also need to understand that these are separate votes on the margin, against the formed collective position of the West and its strategic plans.


The Defense Forces continue their methodical work to re-draw the enemy.

Daily losses of only mobilized Russians are now at least hundreds of irreversible.

There will be more.

We are all old enough for the ninth month of war not to confuse real politics with information campaigns.

No, let’s be clear.

Yes, it’s hard for us.

But we need to remember what we are fighting for.

If we lose, we will give a slack, we will not just lose, we will not be there physically, but we will be replaced by one giant Bucha.

“It’s hard, but it’s worth it.”

Keep moving forward to the victory.

One step to one step.


  1. “If we lose, we will give a slack, we will not just lose, we will not be there physically, but we will be replaced by one giant Bucha.”

    It is amazing in the year 2022 there are many people and many nations that would be ok with this.

    Liked by 3 people

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