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Nov 8

Tomorrow Ukraine will lose support if the United States win today. Is this the way it is? Answering.

I read with a smile on all the Russian tg channels that’s how tomorrow comes – that’s all. Period. We won’t have a chance anymore.

I’m answering a little now.

  1. Support for Ukraine by the US society is now so high, which has never been to any country in the world. For example, support for Britain, which fought Hitler in 1939-1941 was lower. And this is Britain. And about the support of the USSR, I’m actually silent. There was a huge debate over whether communists should be helped? And as you can see, a huge number of people were against it.
  2. Now in the United States, according to various polls, between 30 and 40% of so-called “isolationists”. This is a historical low. The United States is in the mood to take an active part in international politics.
  3. Republicans can help Ukraine MORE than Democrats. According to my feeling, the mood of the top of the republicans is to set the flag over the Kremlin. But I will reiterate, these are my feelings after conversations in DC with some very influential GOP officials.
  4. In Ukraine, unconditional (! ) a bipartisan support. And this is very important. Both Republicans and Democrats think it is necessary to punish Russia as hard as possible. Well, the situation is such that you can inflict a military defeat on Russia, from which it will not be able to escape soon.
  5. And the most important thing. The money allocated to Ukraine, for the most part, does not go to us. They go to the US armed giants. For example, Lokhíd Martin, which produces himarsi. And these guys and girls are the most influential lobbyists in Washington. And that’s why, no shortcut (! ) there will be no funding. They are already launching new productions.

Well, that last one. It’s normal that some politicians in the United States say that there is no need to help Ukraine. It’s ok when some on television say it. This is a debate. This is democracy. Just right now, we talk much better on the battlefield. And American citizens want to help us. If we carry on like this. There will be no threat to reduce funding.


  1. The ruskies are living in a fantasy world … or on Fantasy Island.
    Anyhow, it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings. They oughta know that.

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