The railway route between Kyiv and Chisinau started operating after a 24-year break  

On November 5, the first flight of the Kyiv-Chisinau train took place. On the 6th, the train set off in the opposite direction.

Representatives of “Railway of Moldova” reported that the route resumed operation for the first time in 24 years. The previous flight took place on October 2, 1998, after which the line did not work.

According to the director of the company Oleg Tofilat, the relaunch of the Chisinau-Kyiv train is an important regional milestone in the relationship: “This train will offer good communication with the airport, we intend to simplify logistics to the airport… We have big plans for the development of passenger transportation – safe and comfortable transport. We live in a time when we can achieve things that seemed impossible an hour ago. I am sure that after the victory of our brothers in Ukraine, we will resume communication with Odessa and other cities.”

It should be noted that the train “Train to Victory” launched at the end of August was the first to leave Kyiv for the capital of Moldova. Ambassador of Ukraine to Moldova Marko Shevchenko noted the symbolism of this event.

“This train has an important symbolism. This is the “Train to Victory”, each car of which represents a temporarily occupied region. One is dedicated to Kharkiv Oblast, which has already been liberated, and I am confident that it will indeed become a victory train. This is also a symbol of our partnership, we are glad that you are with us,” the diplomat said.

The train from Chisinau to Kyiv will run three times a week on even dates. In the opposite direction – on odd dates. Seven carriages of the train can accommodate a maximum of 280 passengers. The trip takes about 13 hours.


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