Stefanchuk: World must show Russia its place

The Russian Federation should be excluded from the United Nations and the G20, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk believes.

“I am convinced that nothing will happen if Russia is excluded from the G20. Nothing will happen if Russia is excluded from the UN, where its stay has no legal grounds, and its position and current military activity directly contradict the principles for which the UN and the UN Security Council were created,” the press service of the Verkhovna Rada’s office quoted Stefanchuk as saying.

Stefanchuk noted that Russia, trying to get to the G20 meeting in Indonesia on November 15-16, wants to demonstrate that it still has weight in the international arena and plays a significant role in world politics.

“Russia wants to prove to the whole world that it is still shaking hands, that negotiations are being conducted with it, its opinion is being listened to. But the unleashed full-scale war against Ukraine revealed all the worst sides of the terrorist state, which have been rooted for centuries. Russia has demonstrated all its imperial children’s complexes, and now the world must give an answer,” Stefanchuk stressed.

He recalled that after the annexation of Crimea, the Russian Federation was excluded from the G8 format, and this did not affect its activities in any way, and the Big Seven only became stronger from this decision.

The Speaker of the Parliament stressed that the aggressor country should also be excluded from all international institutions, to which Russia has shown disregard from the point of view of both international law and international relations.

It’s unclear for Stefanchuk why, after everything Russia has done recently, civilized countries should show respect for the aggressor, people with an inadequate perception of reality.

“The world must show Russia its place. And its place is in the corner. In the corner of oblivion and the past. And Russia should be there until its leadership changes, until Russia receives fair sentences in international courts and pays Ukraine all reparations. Only after that it will be possible to talk about some of its weight in the international arena, but in a completely different format,” the head of the parliament stressed.


  1. “The world must show Russia its place. And its place is in the corner. In the corner of oblivion and the past. ”

    russia should be in the same corner as NK. Syria and Iran, but for reasons unfathomable to us, the old fool in the WH won’t do it.

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