Russia is preparing to retreat from Kherson: the media found out what “manuals” were issued to propagandists

Elena Sparrow17:40, 07.11.22

Russian propagandists received detailed “instructions” on how to portray the failure of the occupiers as a “heroic gesture of good will.”

The authorities of the Russian Federation "advise" propagandists to write that Ukraine and NATO allegedly threw all their forces into Kherson / photo
The authorities of the Russian Federation “advise” propagandists to write that Ukraine and NATO allegedly threw all their forces into Kherson / photo

Russia is preparing to retreat from Kherson and is already thinking about how the Russians will perceive it. The Kremlin decided not to change its habits, and therefore the propagandists were simply given “manuals” with false excuses and yet another attempt to accuse Ukraine of “terrorism”.

Two such “instructions” have already appeared at the disposal of the Russian edition of Meduza. These “manuals”, according to the Russian Federation, will prepare the Russians for the retreat of the invaders from Kherson and justify another failure of the army of the aggressor country.

In the first “manual” the Kherson direction is called “the most difficult”. Propagandists who receive such “instructions” will tell that it is “vital” for Ukraine to show its combat readiness, allegedly in order to ask the West for new help.

“Kyiv will not reckon with its own losses – it is ready to kill tens of thousands of its own and others for the sake of new trenches and arms supplies. Russian troops seek to save the lives of civilians and personnel. It is the danger of a massive strike on the city by a huge group of nationalists that dictated the evacuation of civilians in the city on the left bank of the Dnieper,” the Kremlin’s manual says.

In addition, the Russian authorities “advise” propagandists to write that Ukraine and NATO allegedly threw all their forces into Kherson, and therefore there could be “huge bloodshed.” Moreover, the aggressor country will again try to accuse Ukraine of an alleged “terror attack” being prepared.

“Zelensky wants to put on a bloody show for the whole world, present the Armed Forces of Ukraine as suffering, demand new money. The enemy wants Kherson to become a trap for Russia, a battlefield with tens of thousands of victims. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning to stage a terrorist attack, destroying the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. Undermining the hydroelectric power station can become a” trap “for our fighters. In this case, settlements with civilians will be flooded, our military will find themselves in a cauldron and will not even be able to accept the battle – they will simply be washed away,” the Russian edition publishes a fragment of the manual.

Also, propagandists will have to talk again about the “inappropriateness” of urban battles. According to the Kremlin, the Russians will believe that the military simply fled from Kherson, fearing that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would allegedly “raze” the city to the ground.

The second “manual” is devoted to the fact that propagandists should “pay attention” to the statement of the Russian historian Torkunov, who, at a meeting with Putin, recalled the Battle of Poltava, when Peter I “withdrew to Poltava, which led to a turning point in the war.” So the propagandists should impress upon the Russians that “all is not lost.”

In addition, Meduza reports that sources close to the Kremlin call a retreat from Kherson “undesirable, but likely.” The Russian authorities believe that the situation in the south of Ukraine depends on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If the defenders of our country launch a massive offensive, the invaders will flee, and if not, the rashists will remain in Kherson, sources say.

The final decision to retreat from Kherson, according to insiders, will be made by Putin himself and people from his “inner circle.” However, the Kremlin still hopes that the Russian army will be able to conduct an offensive in the winter of 2023.

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