Minus 3 ammunition depots and a drone control point: Russian losses in the south announced


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

On Sunday, November 6, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south hit the positions of the Russian army twice from aviation, and rocket and artillery units completed 147 tasks. Ukrainian soldiers hit the areas of concentration of enemy forces and means in several settlements.

This was reported in the summary of the Operational Command “South” at the end of the 256th day of the war with Russia. The video was published on the official OK Facebook page (scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video).

Estimated losses of the occupiers per day amounted to:

– 14 Russian military;

– 3 units of armored vehicles;

– UAV control point;

– 3 ammunition depots in Berislav and Kherson regions.

In addition, the OK confirmed the defeat of the enemy over the previous days in Kakhovka (Kherson region), where, as a result of a strike on the base building of a unit of 200 invaders , significant damage was inflicted.

“The enemy carefully hides the consequences, the administrative-police regime has been strengthened in the city and pressure on the local population,” the building says.

The ship structure of Russia in the Black Sea consists of 3 ships, among which there is not a single launch vehicle.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully “denazified” the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet. In four days, they destroyed 300 invaders near Pavlovka, Donetsk region, and destroyed 50% of enemy equipment.


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