From the FB page; Pray For Ukraine

Nov 6

🇺🇦 Day 256 of the war in Ukraine!

Living conditions are still very difficult for civilians in Ukraine. Many places are without electricity, water and gas. They are trying the best they can to juggle available electric throughout the country. Ukraine needs to get more help from other countries to prevent Russia from destroying all of their infrastructure. If not, then more than 3 million people, just in Kiev city will have to evacuate. This will cause another wave of refugees escaping into Europe. Why not help enough for Ukraine’s military to end this madness?

Photo of the reality in Kiev after dark, without electricity.


  1. For getting sanitized water, this filter can remove dangerous microbes, without needing purification tablets. Even if it’s water directly collected from a muddy puddle. It doesn’t filter some chemical pollutants though, so be careful of that. I have a couple of the straws which I’m bringing (in addition to spare warm clothes and a blanket) when I fly in a week. A user can put these directly into the average creek or pond and drink the water from it. There’s videos to show how it’s done, but it’s fairly easy to do.

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