“We’re just fucked up!” Riots broke out in the Russian army before being sent to Ukraine

6.11.2022 07

Translated from Ukrainian via Google

Those mobilized into the ranks of the Russian army began to see clearly. If at first they were promised large lump sum payments, and subsequently a stable high salary, then the reality turned out to be completely different. Riots have already begun in military training centers, and “mobiles” have begun to refuse to go to Ukraine.

Read more about this in the material OBOZREVATEL.

A dead man doesn’t need money.

With regional payments in the Russian Federation, they tried to “stimulate” the problematic mobilization. True, Russian President Vladimir Putin shifted this burden to local budgets, and the governors, as usual, took it under the hood. But it is one thing to promise, and quite another to fulfill.

As of today, mobilized into the army of the occupying country from the Kirov, Kurgan, Nizhny Novgorod, Bryansk, Penza, Ulyanovsk regions, as well as from several republics – Mordovia. Tatarstan, Chuvashia and Chechnya – they did not receive a penny for sending them to the criminal war.

The governor of the Oryol region Andrey Klychkov voiced a brilliant reason for the complete absence of material support for the mobilized in the region: he considers it pointless to pay those who cannot buy anything with this money, since they … are at the front.

The governor also argued his decision to refuse lump-sum payments to those mobilized by the fact that even “relatives cannot bring anything” to those in the combat zone. It is understandable: you can get into Ukraine only as an occupying serviceman, and why would a potential suicide bomber need money?

Riot on the ship

A real scandal erupted in the Russian army training center in Ulyanovsk, where more than two thousand mobilized from Chuvashia staged a riot. The number of signatures under the collective letter to the head of the region is growing every day.

On the eve of their departure to Ukraine, the servicemen demanded that the governor Oleg Nikolaev pay them 400 million rubles, which, according to him, were allocated from the reserve fund of the republic.

Its head promised these funds on November 1, and the very next day the Minister of Finance announced that there was no such money in the region – only 130 million, but this was not enough even for a one-time “help” of 50 thousand rubles.

Those mobilized in Chuvashia say that they were promised 300,000 rubles at the military registration and enlistment office. But, of course, no one saw the money. And the leadership of the military unit said: “no one owes you anything” and “you misunderstood.”

The “chmobiks” themselves began, as they say, to beat on a tear. “Dear citizens of the Russian Federation, the mobilized servicemen of the Chuvash Republic are turning to you! We, risking our own lives, are going to certain death for your safety and peaceful life! Our state refuses to pay us money in the amount of 195 thousand rubles, which our President Vladimir promised us Vladimirovich Putin! Why then should we go to fight for this state, leaving our families without support?” they said.

Chuvashia is one of the poorest regions of the Russian Federation, which is why many residents of the republic were tempted by such “wealth” and the promised stable salary. And the fact that they were sent to kill Ukrainians did not bother them at all. Only now they have begun to refuse to go to Ukraine – however, until they are paid.

As you can see, we are not talking about any ideology and readiness to fight for Russia here – this is pure mercenaryism. Now, the unlucky occupiers directly declare: “We are simply fucked!”

The protests of those mobilized in Ulyanovsk have been going on for several days. Some of the rioters were detained by the military police, but this did not change the situation. In the meantime, they begin to grumble in other military units, where the “chmobiks” have also not been paid anything.

The situation is similar with the servicemen of the occupying country already in Ukraine. Many of them receive mere pennies on the card, and the families of the dead are not even given “coffin”.

Putin went on a new deception

Trying to extinguish the emerging protest wave, the Kremlin dictator issued a decree on November 2, 2022, by which he promised to pay another 195,000 rubles (about UAH 115,000) in a one-time payment – ​​this applies to mobilized and contract soldiers of the Russian army.

But here there is a nuance: the payment shines only to those who signed a contract directly during the “SVO” period, and even for a period of at least a year. And the vast majority signed a six-month. So now they won’t receive this money.

This decree of Putin has already caused a lot of angry comments on social networks. The Russians were angry with such “injustice” and called it “a handout for dogs”, as well as “a complete deception”.

Payments to those mobilized in Russia and their families, including compensation in case of injury or death, according to financial analysts, could reach up to 3 trillion rubles over the next six months. At the same time, the Russian budget deficit in 2023 is projected to be even larger – 4-4.5 trillion rubles. In addition, the federal budget was drawn up without taking into account spending on mobilization and “support” of the occupied territories of Ukraine.

So in the Russian Federation everything turns out as always: there is no money, but you hold on. And how many Russians will meet their death in Ukraine, the Kremlin certainly does not care – there is still enough cannon fodder.



  1. “Chuvashia is one of the poorest regions of the Russian Federation, which is why many residents of the republic were tempted by such “wealth” and the promised stable salary. And the fact that they were sent to kill Ukrainians did not bother them at all. Only now they have begun to refuse to go to Ukraine – however, until they are paid.”

    Have I ever mentioned that the Russian Federation is a shithole? Well, it is. To dismantle it completely would prove to be of great service to humanity.

    “We’re just fucked up!”

    Yes, you are. You’re fucked up in your skulls.

    At any rate, I am pleased to see such problems in mafia land. Let’s get a lot more!

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  2. That video clip where there’s a pair of Russians speaking to that crowd, it looks like the guy filming it was holding the camera at his hip, or the camera was clipped to something on his belt, and started it with a remote or discreet recording command. Which sounds to me, like maybe the video recording isn’t permitted there. I look forward to sharing this with Liudmila!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Putin can’t pay his cannon fodder. He will never be able to pay them. If they want to live, they have two choices, Surrender to the Ukrainians once deployed, or to turn their weapons on the blocking troops. I would prefer the latter.

    Liked by 2 people

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