The Pope wanted to meet with Putin after the start of the war, but Lavrov did not allow

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that there was no need for such a meeting.

The Pope wanted to negotiate with Putin / photo REUTERS
The Pope wanted to negotiate with Putin / photo REUTERS

Pope Francis wanted to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 25 and even went to the Russian embassy to negotiate the day after the start of a full-scale war.

The Vatican News, referring to the Pope’s statement , added that he decided to talk on this topic with the Russian ambassador, whom he considers “a kind person.”

“I have known him for six years since he arrived. He is a humanist. I remember the comment he left me: ‘Nous sommes tombés dans la dictature de l’argent’ (we have fallen into the dictatorship of money), speaking of civilization” , Papa said.

The pontiff during this conversation, he expressed his readiness to go to Moscow and talk with Putin, if necessary.

“Lavrov answered me very politely, saying, thank you, but at present this is not necessary,” said the Pope.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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