Russians de-energize Berislav: they blew up 1.5 km of high-voltage power lines

In addition, Russian terrorists mined water wells in Berislav.

Such actions of the Russian army are a targeted terror against the civilian population of the Kherson region, noted in the OVA / photo
Such actions of the Russian army are a targeted terror against the civilian population of the Kherson region, noted in the OVA / photo

In the temporarily occupied Berislav , Kherson region , Russian troops blew up high-voltage power lines: about one and a half kilometers of poles and lines were destroyed.

As Yaroslav Yanushevich, chairman of the Kherson regional military administration, said on Telegram , due to the terrorist attacks of the Russian Federation in the Berislav region, a number of settlements in the Kherson region were left without power supply.

“The city was left without power, because the damage is quite extensive. It is impossible to quickly repair the breakdowns – there are not enough specialists, equipment, and the Russian invaders will not allow it to be done. Probably, there will be no electricity in Berislav until the city is completely de-occupied,” Yanushevich wrote.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

He said that, in addition, Russian terrorists mined water wells in Berislav. In total, there are 14 of them in the city, but how many of them are mined – the information is being specified.

“It also became known that the occupiers blew up high-voltage lines that go to Kherson. Therefore, problems with power supply began in the regional center and a number of other settlements,” the head of the OVA said.

Yanushevich stressed that such actions of the Russian army are targeted terror against the civilian population of the Kherson region. Feeling the inevitability of their defeat, the Russians destroy everything so that our people are forced to survive in inhuman conditions.

War – news: the situation in the Kherson region

Although the advance of Ukrainian forces in the south and east has slowed down, this does not prevent the defenders from  hitting the logistics of the invaders in the deep rear.

In the Kherson region  , the deportation of the local population  from the right bank and 15 km of the “zone” of the left bank of Kherson, as well as the “ evacuation ” of the occupying authorities to other regions controlled by Russia, continues.

Experts disagreed whether the enemy was ready to fight to the last soldier for Kherson, or resigned himself to the loss of another city. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believes that reports of an  alleged “panic” of Russian troops  in the Kherson region  are exaggerated  – thus, the enemy wanted to confuse the Ukrainian command. 

At the same time,  Western analysts  believe that Russia itself has not yet fully decided on the fate of the captured part of the south. According to Ukrainian intelligence, during the retreat, the  Russian Federation can resort to any kind of provocation  – up to blowing up the Kakhovka dam or the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, intending to destroy civilian infrastructure.

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  1. The defenders are faced with an implacable, evil and resourceful enemy that is worse than the third reich.
    They are going to lose this war this winter UNLESS they are given everything they requested immediately.
    Everything is beyond urgent, but long range ballistic missiles are now essential.
    Ukraine is now in the position of a good boxer fighting a mediocre one who has lead stuffed inside his gloves.

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