NYT: Russia is trying to interfere in the midterm congressional elections, vilifying Ukraine

The Russian-launched campaign also aims to undermine extensive military aid to Ukraine.

Bots are targeting Democratic candidates in the most contentious states, including Ohio, Arizona and Pennsylvania / REUTERS
Bots are targeting Democratic candidates in the most contentious states, including Ohio, Arizona and Pennsylvania / REUTERS

Russia has reactivated its social media bot farms and is trying to interfere with the results of the midterm congressional elections.

According to The New York Times , the posts mostly denigrate the incumbent President Biden and other prominent Democrats, sometimes in obscene terms. The bots also lament the use of taxpayer money to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. 

The aim of the disinformation campaign is to stir up the ire of conservative voters and undermine confidence in the American electoral system. But this time around, the Russian-launched campaign also appears to be aimed at undermining Ukraine’s massive military aid.

Many of the accounts the researchers uncovered were previously used by a news outlet calling itself the American and European Citizens Newsroom. Meta has previously associated this “agency” with Russian media campaigns centered around the Internet Research Agency.

The network has since disbanded and many of the social media accounts associated with it have been deactivated after being identified during the 2020 elections. Accounts became active again in August and September, the journalists say. 

The bots are targeting Democratic candidates in the most contentious states, including Ohio, Arizona and Pennsylvania, hoping that Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives can help Russia’s war effort.

How the congressional elections will affect aid to Ukraine

As The Wall Street Journal wrote , in America against the backdrop of congressional elections, the number of opponents of regular assistance to Ukraine is growing. 

This, Politico notes , could even split the Republican Party. Recent polls have shown that the share of Republicans who think the aid is too much has risen from 9% to a third. 

In turn, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger assured that on political issues, the  extreme right and left often have a common position .

The situation was shaken by the position of Trump himself on Ukraine, whom the Republicans consider as a candidate from the party in the presidential election in 2024. 

Trump, who has always been noted for his pro-Russian views, recently said that he advised Ukraine to abandon NATO and “give” Crimea to Russia . After that, President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the former head of the United States to “look at Putin without rose-colored glasses .  “

Trump has hinted at running for president if the Republicans win the midterm congressional elections. 

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  1. As unpredictable as Trump was, I think that’s why putin didn’t dare shake things up. He didn’t know what Trump would do if putin played at “war games” around the Ukrainian border. Trump might’ve waved it off, or maybe he would have felt like sending several missile salvos toward moscow. Trump certainly sent a precision strike against that iranian turd soleimani, but restrained from declaring full war when the American embassy in Iraq was attacked.

    But biden with his dementia-addled retreat from Afghanistan, and his similar “invite” for putin to invade, it says a lot to me about his skill (or lack of it) to lead. I think biden’s aid to Ukraine is a response of panic, NOT confidence, because biden is completely predictable, and in the weakest way. As an American, I think my country should definitely help Ukraine, but there’s better ways to do it, and better people to lead that effort.


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