Journalists call top Russian officials’ children and suggest they go to war


Some Russian investigative journalists decided to form “a golden company of soldiers” consisting of the children of top officials and called them proposing that they go off to fight in the war.

Source: Vazhnye Istorii (Important Stories) media outlet

Details: The journalists started calling and texting the family members of top Russian officials. None of them volunteered to go; some of them claimed they would go to Ukraine if they were called up. 

The son-in-law of Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu was flying off on holiday to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu the day Vazhnye Istorii tried to reach him. He read their message about mobilisation but never replied. 

The son of Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, just said he had not received a conscription notice. 

The son-in-law of Sergey Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the President’s Administration, hung up the phone when he was asked what he thought about mobilisation. 

The sons of Alexey Gromov, First Deputy Head of the President’s Administration, also hung up as soon as he heard the word mobilisation. 

The son of Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Internal Affairs, stated that he would be ready to go to fight in Ukraine if he received a conscription notice: “As a patriot and a citizen of my country, I will always defend it. If I am called up and mobilised, I will act responsibly and go to the front. I’m not ruling it out, because my family has the right attitude.”

The son-in-law of Andrey Vorobyev, Governor of Moscow Oblast, did not answer the phone, and he deleted the chat after he was asked about mobilisation. 

The son of Ruslan Tsalikov, Deputy Minister of Defence, claimed that he would go to war if he was called up: “There is conscription, there are duties, they have to be performed. Why haven’t I volunteered? I have nothing to do with the military. There are people who are liable for military service, military professionals. I’m not a military professional.”

The son of Irek Boguslavsky, Member of the State Duma [Russian parliament – ed.], promised to go to war if he received a conscription notice: “What am I supposed to do? Sit in a basement until they find me and open a criminal case against me? If there is general mobilisation in this country and martial law [is declared], that will be the last straw. I think everyone will do [something] to defend their land, their territories.”

The son of Sergey Chemezov, Head of Rostec State Corporation, refused to answer the question, saying that he was currently spending time with his family. 

The son of Viacheslav Nikonov, Member of the State Duma, said he was uncomfortable answering the question and was glad that mobilisation had ended: “I’m glad it [mobilisation] is over because I came under its mandate. If there is general mobilisation, I will go to war. For my country. I understand with whom [Russia is fighting]. What is this question for? I don’t feel comfortable answering…”

The son of Andrey Belousov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, also claims he is ready to fight: “There are laws, they need to be abided by. Simple as that. What difference does it make what we’re fighting for? What does the idea have to do with it? If the state thinks we need to, then we need to. I am an ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation liable for military service; I have not received a command to think about it. Why should I think about it? Everyone in their right mind understands what’s going on. Read the state media and communications from the state leadership.”


  1. They will never go to the front, these children of mafia officials. Those that say they would, if called on, are saying this only because they know very well that they will never be summoned to serve. None of them will be required to go to war, and none will volunteer. Dying on the battlefield for the little gutter rat’s wet fantasies is the job of drunken serfs.

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