Cultural cleansing, cultural genocide 🇺🇦

Yana Rudenko

Nov 5

The #Kherson Art Museum was looted by the russian occupiers. In their opinion, this is called “evacuation”, in our opinion – looting under the slogans of “preserving cultural values”. They just steal and loot everything that is #Ukrainian (and not only). 

From October 31 to November 3, the occupying “authorities” brought three to four dozen people to the museum, who took out works of art and office equipment – everything they saw, everything their raking hands could reach. There is no question of a delicate attitude towards ancient rarities – the paintings were not packed in a special way for transportation, but wrapped in some kind of rag.

🚚🚚🚚 On November 1, 3 trucks and a school bus were loaded and taken away, accompanied by people in civilian clothes armed with machine guns, on November 2 – 2 more trucks, on November 3, the remains were taken away by bus without armed guards. When one of the best collections of #Ukraine was stolen, there were roadblocks around the museum. We hope to find out in the near future what exactly was illegally exported in four days, but there is no doubt that the most valuable (XVII-XIX centuries) was taken first. The cargo was directed to #Crimea, but it is not a fact that it is the last destination.

❌ Next time when someone is saying “great russian culture”, think twice.
❌ Next time when you’re walking in the saint petersburg hermitage wondering, think twice. 

Where did it come from?

Poltava, russia? #Mariupol, russia? Kiev (always, #Kyiv, Ukraine), russia? 

russian art produced by Ukrainian artists, Ukrainian ethnicity representatives? 

🩸 #russia was an empire in 1822, 1922 and now in 2022
🩸 #russia for centuries was trying to erase the Ukrainian identity by imposing the policy of assimilation, stealing our acquisitionsб belittling the Ukrainian culture and ethnicity, and forbidding the Ukrainian language. That’s why you may know nothing about Ukrainians.  
🩸 #russians were stealing items of Ukrianian culture for centuries and they continue doing it now. 

Everything that was produced, and created by Ukrainians must be returned to #Ukraine
Everything that was stolen by russians must be returned

We will fight for each item, each artist as well as each meter, each Ukrainian.

We didn’t stop this imperialism before, so it continues. 

StandforUKRAINE #StandwithUKRAINE #Ukraine #SupportUKRAINE

imperialism #dictatorship #russia #russianaggression #russianwarcrimes

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  1. Nazi Germany also looted wherever their boots were. However, they didn’t steal everything as the cockroaches do, like ladies shoes and used underwear.

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