Biden does not use lend-lease for Ukraine: Zhdanov made an unexpected forecast (video)

The expert told on what conditions the United States supplies weapons to Ukraine.

Biden decided not to use the Lend-Lease procedure / REUTERS photo
Biden decided not to use the Lend-Lease procedure / REUTERS photo

US President Joe Biden , apparently, decided not to use the lend-lease procedure and give Ukraine the necessary weapons not on credit, but as part of grant assistance.

As military expert Oleg Zhdanov stated , “practically nothing needs to be returned from the funds allocated by the States.

“Weapons are given to us free of charge and remain in constant use by our country, our security forces, without obligation to return. This is how the United States is helping now. The number of weapons leaves much to be desired. We would like a lot today, but they give a little … But armament is coming, it cannot be said that it is a complete zero. It is not coming in the quantities we would like, but it is coming,” he said.

According to him, the White House takes such a position, and no one could guess how Biden would behave in terms of using the Lend-Lease procedure.

“By the way, I won’t be surprised that in January, having come to power, the Republicans will try to cut off our oxygen in terms of grant assistance … and transfer us to the lend-lease procedure, when we still have to return these weapons at the end of the war,” Zhdanov added.

US Military Aid: New Weapons Package

As US President  Joe Biden said , since the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine has already received more than $ 25 billion in aid from the States.

The other day it became known that in a new package of military assistance  , the United States will transfer air defense systems , 45 T-72 tanks, 250 M1117 armored personnel carriers, 40 armored boats and 1100 Phoenix Ghost to Ukraine.

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