“You will not find peace in death”: Danilov slapped Simonyan for her dreams of visiting Kyiv

The propagandist spoke again about “denazification”.

The propagandist believes that one day she and other Russians will walk around the Ukrainian capital / photo UNIAN
The propagandist believes that one day she and other Russians will walk around the Ukrainian capital / photo UNIAN

Oleksiy Danilov , Secretary of the NSDC , gave a harsh response to propagandist Margarita Simonyan, who dreamed of visiting Kyiv and cynically stated the need for “denazification”. He noted that Putin’s fan “sick with the madness of the maquis.”

On his Facebook page, Danilov wrote what the future holds for the Russian Federation and all its citizens. Simonyan vainly dreams that she will walk around Kyiv.

The propagandist believes that one day she and other Russians will walk around the Ukrainian capital, singing songs and reading Gogol.

“The day will come, and we will again come to hospitable, cheerful, bright and well-fed Kyiv. Our men will once again roll their necks, looking at the black-browed Oksana. We will all again sing the song ‘What a moonlit night’ in the pub with three tables that do not know each other. , the most beautiful on earth, a Ukrainian song that every Russian knows,” Simonyan wrote.

Danilov’s answer was harsh:

“Our charming Oksanas will spit on the dog graves of your husbands, who will lie with their necks turned or without them, with glassy eyes from eternally frozen fear, enamored with the beauty of the Ukrainian land. And Bashkir, Ryazan, Yakut and other widows will be flooded with burning tears over the funerals of their husbands and sons “for whom graves are dug at the age of 20”.

According to the secretary of the National Security Council, the Russians will hear a song from the Ukrainians, but they will not like it: “You will ask the Lord about hell. Your death will not be easy, I believe. And even in death, I believe, you will not find peace.”

“And we will definitely drink to our Victory and to the eternal rest of the ugly Russian formation, so that this stinking Russian land never dares to look in the direction of Ukraine, dying from panic and hysterical pains, remembering the horror of the Ukrainian steppes, forests and meadows. And we will watch as crazed Wagnerians and armed Zeks rape your women and kill your children, and so-called Russia will descend into darkness, chaos and a real, not Simonian-concocted, civil war.As the fake federation collapses, shrinking back to its natural state within the limits of Moscow – a slumbering garbage dump and the outskirts of Asia”, Danilov gave a “slap” to the propagandist.

He added that in response to Simonyan’s “congratulations on national unity” he wants to congratulate the Russian Federation on “the unity of those who are already in black cellophane bags and those who are going to join them.”

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. This propaganda whore will walk around Kyiv with a chain around her neck and hands cuffed behind her back, with a shaved head and rags on her body, with spittle upon her face, dripping down her chin where she licks it up from thirst.

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  2. There is only one way a nazi skank like her can ever walk free in Kyiv: that would be if her army of subhuman torturers, child rapists and thieves were successful in killing every Ukrainian. That ain’t going to happen.
    She’s welcome to come to Kyiv to be strung up on Maidan square though.

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