Video: Russian Soldiers Crawl Along Road Paved With Bodies Of Their Dead

The Armed Forces of Ukraine showed footage of the battles near Pavlivka and Vuhledar in the Donbas


The Ukrainian military in a short video clearly showed what is happening near Vuhledar and Pavlivka in the Donetsk region. Enemy losses in this area may shock an unprepared observer.

The information was published in the Pivden Telegram channel.

The video, lasting 55 seconds, contains a collection of attempts by the Russians to advance along a certain road near Pavlivka (one and a half kilometers from Vuhledar, which the Russian army is trying to capture).

The first frames show several Russian soldiers crawling along the road. Only three are moving. To the left and in front are the bodies of the same soldiers, but not quite alive anymore.

The road — muddy from the swamp — is black, with deep trenches from wheels and caterpillars.

After a few seconds, the angle changes and several bodies are already visible. Some are right in the middle of the road. It is noteworthy that they died, moving somewhere forward. Nearby is a whole trench filled with losers from the Russian Federation.

The drone shows several such situations: at first, you can see how the enemy soldiers move 3-5 meters forward, then they lie in the middle of the road, no longer moving.

It should be noted that Pavlivka and Vuhledar are two settlements near which fierce battles have continued for the past few days. Russian milbloggers claim that the Russian Federation seized first one city, then the other. But the settlements are held by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In a comment to the post, they explain why the Russians are so eager to conquer these two cities: it turns out that they need a way to Shakhtarske.

Shakhtarske is a town 20 km west of Vugledar. And Pavlivka is just on the way to it. The invaders hope that this will help them succeed in the Donetsk region.


    • Unfortunately we Christians as a tribe have a bad habit of leaving our wounded behind also. Even killing them so to speak so as to not have to take the time to care or carry them. Pretty messed up.

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