‘Take Off Your Shoulder Straps!’: Russian Military Riot In Kazan Gaining Momentum

Dozens of mobilized chased away a high-ranking officer


Dozens of newly mobilized Russian soldiers in Kazan protested over poor conditions at the training ground. Several videos with footage of the riot were published by Sota and the ASTRA Telegram channel.

According to Sota, the mobilized are dissatisfied with rusty machine guns, lack of water, food, and firewood for heating. In the video, you can hear how one of the protesters demands that washing machines be installed so that the mobilized can wash daily — and then they “will be happy to be in the mud every day from morning to evening.”

The colonel, as the protesters called him, came out to the protesters. They asked him to “explain things to the boys” — the colonel was forced to leave under the whistling and chanting of insults.



  1. The light there is rather dark, so I couldn’t figure out exactly what they were doing. They all sounded very angry though. Also, of that picture at top, it’s only showing a small group of the russian troops, but their equipment looks like it’s in terrible condition. That one fat russian also looks VERY angry. I pray these sentiments spread like crazy through their ranks.

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