Switzerland again did not allow Germany to help Ukraine with ammunition

In the Swiss government, the decision is explained by the principle of equal treatment in the law on neutrality.

Seco justifies its "no" with neutrality and the Law on War Materials, which prohibits the export of weapons to warring countries / photo ua.depositphotos.com
Seco justifies its “no” with neutrality and the Law on War Materials, which prohibits the export of weapons to warring countries / photo  ua.depositphotos.com

Switzerland again rejected a German request for permission to re-export Swiss-made munitions to Ukraine.

According to the Voice of America , the government said that such a move would violate the neutrality of Switzerland, so the approval of the transfer of Swiss military equipment by Germany to Ukraine is still impossible.

It is noted that last month, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht asked the government in Bern for permission to supply 12,400 Swiss-made shells for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, which Berlin has already supplied to Ukraine to help in the war with Russia.

But Swiss Economy Minister Guy Parmelin responded in the same way that the Swiss government did in June when it rejected an earlier request.

“According to the principle of equal treatment in the law on neutrality, Switzerland cannot agree to a request for the transfer of military equipment of Swiss origin to Ukraine while the latter is participating in an international armed conflict,” the government said.

“Since the legal situation has not changed, the approval of the transfer of Swiss military equipment by Germany to Ukraine is still impossible,” the government says.

The 35mm shells were supplied by Swiss companies to the German army decades ago on the condition that they could not re-export the ammunition without Swiss permission.

On the website of the German government, in the section on military assistance, it is reported that as of now, among other things, 30 GEPARD self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, including about 6,000 ammunition for them, have been transferred to Ukraine.

What is Gepard

Gepard is a German anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery mount manufactured by Krauss-Maffei in cooperation with other enterprises. Designed to protect armored columns on the march and stationary objects from attacks from helicopters and aircraft at low and ultra-low altitudes day and night in all weather conditions and in conditions of intense enemy electronic countermeasures.

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  1. My boycott of social media continues, but i have to comment on this one.

    When will NATO finally boycott traitors such as Turkey, Hungary and Switzerland??? These rats don’t belong to the civilized world, all they want is roubles. Fuck them!!!

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  2. Do the Swiss even understand behind their nice cozy, safe walls by not helping Ukraine they are helping Hitler 2.0? There is NO neutrality during a genocide. You are helping one side or the other. As far as I’m concerned neutrality makes you a fucking idiot because you are not capable of seeing clearly which side is good and which side is bad.

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  3. If the 35mm is modified to make sure the Gepard recognizes it,(Gepard was having trouble recognizing Norwegian ammo) can it then be re-branded bypassing Swiss objections? Was doing some searching today to see what some of the issues were and if any other country carries it that can provide in quantity. (nothing yet) Am thinking Ukraine is going to have to produce it’s own as they are producing 152 and 122 munitions so why not 35mm.(Ukrainian production is more than capable in finding a solution before Norway could and before a deal could be worked out via Germany, Switzerland, or Brazil.) Norway should also work on a way to help its ammo play well with the Gepard.
    Short article on Ukraine producing 152mm:

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  4. All ammo used is supposed to be standardized for NATO use. There should already be someone making the the stuff that should work.

    Switzerland is trying to play a useless game. The Swiss supported Germany during the war, and used German equipment for their Army and Air Force.

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