German Chancellor called “red line” in Russia’s war against Ukraine

Anastasia Gorbacheva 21:37, 05.11.22 UNIAN

Olaf Scholz noted that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.

 Scholz called a nuclear strike on Ukraine a "red line" / photo
 Scholz called a nuclear strike on Ukraine a “red line” / photo

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation in Ukraine is a line that must not be crossed. He urged Moscow to refrain from such a step.

“It is unacceptable, unacceptable to use nuclear weapons in this conflict,” Tagesschau quotes Scholz .

The German politician urged the Kremlin to promise that they would not do this. He pointed out that this limit should not be crossed.

In addition, Scholz justified his talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping by saying that he used the trip to convince him to oppose the use of nuclear weapons during the war in Ukraine.

Putin’s nuclear threats – what is known

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. At the same time, there were threats against the  West . The United States  threatened Moscow with “catastrophic consequences” .

The Institute for the Study of War believes that there are only  two options for the use of nuclear weapons  – along the front line and an attack on the cities of Ukraine. 

In addition, the issue of nuclear weapons was raised during Putin’s conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish politician assured. that the President of the Russian Federation does not use nuclear weapons .


  1. “Oh please, please Vladolf Putler, do not use nukes on Ukraine and commit more war crimes, you might make me look bad. I know you are a trained KGB agent and renowned liar and propagandist and I know you lied about invading, murdering and kidnapping but just this time? Please? I’m on my knees!”

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