This is horrendous


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From Independent International Commission of Inquiry

  • The Commission found numerous cases in which Russian armed forces shot at civilians trying to flee to safety and obtain food or other necessities, which resulted in the killing or injury of the victims. In the cases documented, the victims wore civilian clothes, drove civilian cars, and were unarmed.
    Most of the incidents took place during daylight, which means that the civilian appearance should have been clear to the attacker.
    Under international humanitarian law, if in doubt, a person shall be considered to be a civilian. Attacks intentionally targeting civilians are war crimes.
  • Several of the attacks took place as civilians came across Russian military convoys which were on the move. Soldiers shot civilians using assault rifles, or in some cases, vehicle-mounted weapons.
    These attacks show disregard for the requirement under international humanitarian law to verify that a target is neither civilians nor civilian objects. In some cases, these were deliberate.


  1. The horror and carnage of Bucha is just a part of a gigantic hate crime committed by savages who have no right to be consuming oxygen.
    The directors of this planned genocide, the perpetrators and those who support them, including west-based shills; all should be executed.
    The testimony of the grandmother is gut-wrenching.
    RuZZia must die and be replaced with people who have hearts.
    This video should be seen by the progs in the Dems and the putlerites in the Trumpkov wing of the GOP.

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  2. This war has been nothing but a huge crime spree. It can be compared to Nazi Germany’s crime spree as it moved east and Soviet Union’s crime spree as it moved west. You may also compare this war with the genocides committed by Pol Pot and by Mao Tsetung. Vlad the Impaler will go down in history swimming in the same sewage as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and the other two shit nuggets.

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    • In WW2, the British Channel Islands were under nazi occupation for 5 years. The largest island being Jersey, whose capital, St Helier, was their HQ. It was extremely unpleasant for the citizens, who had previously enjoyed free and peaceful lives in a beautiful place. But the nazis were organised, their troops were professional and had rules to follow. If they committed crimes against civilians, which was fairly rare, they were punished.
      In comparison, the putinazis are 1000 times worse. Their soldiers are nothing but savage, feral, rabid dogs. On top of that, they are sadists, perverts, paedos, gerontophiles and thieves.

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      • Yes, and this evil society has not learned from past mistakes and has not turned its back to crimes. The Red Army was notorious in its criminal behavior, murdering, raping and looting its way across Eastern Europe, even in the Soviet Union itself! They are still the same pond scum low lives as ever.

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  3. Sir Scradgel thanks for sharing the video. I’m sending it out broadly to the son of a bitches in the US who are fuckin cockroach lovers. I’d love to shove this up their sick fuckin asses.

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