“The only dirty thing in our region is the leadership of the Russian Federation”: Zelensky on the conclusion of the IAEA

The IAEA checked 3 Ukrainian sites with a focus on Russian disinformation and found no evidence of any “dirty bomb”.

Vladimir Zelensky / photo president.gov.ua
Vladimir Zelensky / photo president.gov.ua

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the IAEA’s conclusion that there is no evidence of a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine is quite obvious: the only dirty thing in our region is the leadership of the Russian Federation.

He stated this in an evening video message.

“Today’s conclusion of the IAEA is quite obvious,” the president said in his evening video message .

He recalled that the mission of the organization visited all those objects that Russian representatives recalled when they told their fantasies about the so-called “dirty bomb”.

“We invited the IAEA to check it. We gave them complete freedom of action at the relevant facilities and we have clear and irrefutable evidence that no one in Ukraine has created and is not creating any” dirty bomb “. And the only thing that is dirty in our region now, these are the heads of those in Moscow who, unfortunately, have seized control of the Russian state and are terrorizing Ukraine and the whole world,” Zelensky said.

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