Satan, drug-addicted Nazis and grunting piglets: Medvedev congratulates Russians on holiday

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, has decided to announce that Russia is fighting against Satan and can send everyone to hell. He made this statement on Unity Day, which is celebrated in the Russian Federation on 4 November.

Source: Medvedev on Telegram

Quote from Medvedev: “What is our weapon? Weapons can be different. We have the opportunity to send all our enemies to hell, but this is not our task. We listen to the words of the Creator in our hearts and obey them. These words give us a sacred purpose.

The goal is to stop the supreme lord of hell, no matter what name he uses: Satan, Lucifer or Iblis. Because his goal is death. Our goal is life.”

Details: The representative of the aggressor country, which occupied the territories of a sovereign state, stated that “Russia is a huge and rich country” and it allegedly “does not need foreign territories”.

Medvedev once again stated that Russia “will not give its sacred land to anyone”.

He believes that Russia is at war with “a part of the world that is dying”, which allegedly hates Russians, “bans their language, values ​​and even faith”, as well as “a bunch of crazy drug-addicted Nazis”, “a big pack of barking dogs from the Western kennel”, and “a motley farrow of grunting piglets and small-minded philistines from a collapsed Western empire”.

Medvedev believes that by “rising up against them”, Russia “gained sacred power”.

He called the former friends and partners of the Russian Federation “accidental fellow travellers, remora and parasites” and wished them to “rot in a foreign land”.

According to Medvedev, Russia has been silent for a long time, but “now it has shaken off the sticky dream and dreary gloom of the last decades” and “woke up”.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation believes that allegedly “soon other countries (which he did not name – ed.) will finally wake up” and then “the rotten world order will collapse”.


  1. Medvedev believes that by “rising up against them”, Russia “gained sacred power”.

    Nutty as a fruit cake. This seat warmer needs to lay off the krokodil and get back into his vodka bottle, it’s rotting his brain.

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    • Putler’s mini-me is out-naziing the original nazis by a long way.
      These are hate crimes and must be used as evidence in the inevitable war crime trials that will come.
      Medvedev whimpering at the gallows will not feel so cocky. His place in heaven is not assured. He’s going to meet Stalin and Hitler at the other place.
      Some of the putinazi slurs against their victim were assembled as a reference point; I’ll post them.

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  2. RuSSia is a shithole which makes even the most rotten western state look like paradise. The reason the ruskies in Ukraine steal anything not nailed downe is that they have nothing. That’s RuSSia for you, doped assfuckerz!

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  3. It’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that Medvedev is insane. His attempted suicide not so long ago has left most of the little brain that he had in the first place a smoldering ruin.

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  4. Don’t you guys see it? It’s not just this cockroach, all of these animals believe the same thing. They’ll never be peace in my lifetime. Perhaps my great great grand children will see it, God willing.

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    • Yes, they are all evil. But, it seems to me that Medvedev wants to prove what a badass he is in front of all the other asses. That’s why he spits the vilest of garbage.

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