Russia Warns UK of ‘Dangerous Consequences’ After Black Sea Drone Attack

Russia Thursday summoned the UK ambassador and warned London of “dangerous consequences” after accusing Britain of helping Kyiv carry out an attack on Moscow’s Black Sea fleet in Crimea last week.

“Such confrontational actions of the English carry a threat of escalation of the situation and could lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Moscow said it had delivered a “strong protest” to UK ambassador Deborah Bronnert.

It claimed British forces were training Ukrainian special services, including for “sabotage operations at sea.”

On Saturday, Russia accused the UK of helping Kyiv orchestrate a drone attack on its ships in the port of Sevastopol in Moscow-annexed Crimea.

Bronnert arrived at Moscow’s towering Soviet-era foreign ministry building, with a line of people chanting “Britain is a terrorist state,” state media showed.

The foreign ministry said it had handed “concrete facts” of London’s “hostile provocations” to her.

“A demand was put forward to stop them immediately,” it said.

Moscow claimed UK military specialists were training Ukrainian special forces in the southern city of Ochakiv, “including training for underwater saboteurs for operations in the waters of the Black and Azov seas”.

Russia last week also accused the UK of being implicated in explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines in September.

The UK says these are “false claims on an epic scale.”

Relations between London and Moscow have been degrading for years. Russia considers the UK, one of Ukraine’s strongest backers, as one of the most unfriendly Western countries.


  1. The foreign ministry said it had handed “concrete facts” of London’s “hostile provocations” to her.

    russia and facts are not two words you normally associate with each other. russia had concrete evidence about bio labs in Ukraine, about killer mosquitos specially bred to kill vermin. russia claimed the US are breeding birds to spread disease amongst the cockroaches. russia claims Ukraine were using black magic against the orcs to defeat them. russia claim Ukraine are building a dirty bomb. The list goes on. All these incidents have one thing in common, not one shred of evidence has been provided by the liars in the kremlin.

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    • What are we even doing in that shithole?
      We must withdraw permanently. Any UK citizens still there must be assumed to be pro-putler.
      That grinning, lying little shitstain Kelin and his crew of thugs and spies must be kicked out permanently from the UK.
      British companies still trading there must be forced to withdraw and pay a windfall tax of 100% of their RuZZian profits of the last 5 years to Ukraine.
      Then, they should pay additional windfall taxes to the exchequer: their contributions to Russia’s war have cost our economy dearly.

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