Russia ‘can be good guys and live peacefully with Ukraine if they get rid of Putin’

Kyiv’s ambassador to Britain says his nation’s fight is with dictator, not Russians themselves

ASSOCIATE EDITOR 3 November 2022 •

Russia can be the “good guys” and live peacefully with Ukraine if they get rid of Vladimir Putin, Kyiv’s ambassador to Britain has said.

Vadym Prystaiko said his country’s fight was not with the Russian people and urged them to “change their leadership”.

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, Mr Prystaiko warned there was no mechanism in the Kremlin to “let steam out of the system”, which could lead to political collapse.

He said Ukraine has the power to push Russian troops back over the border but has no intention to force Vladimir Putin from power, adding it was up to the Russian people to force any changes in the country’s leadership.

“Everything can change, we’re realistic here, but if we manage to push them out of our land we will stop at the border and tell them: ‘now it’s your problem’.

“If you’re not happy with what you have achieved, if you’re not happy with what your great leader told you and now you’ve been humiliated and lost so many people, deal with that yourselves.”

‘Some of us would love to burn down the Kremlin’

Some Ukrainians “would like to go all the way to the Kremlin, burn it down and have a selfie”, he said.

“I will probably be among them in the first row. But most of us understand we don’t actually need anything from the Russians.”

Mr Prystaiko blamed Russia’s situation on its lack of a functioning parliamentary democracy, warning that the country’s history of violent political upheaval could soon repeat itself.

“Each time they take it to the point where everything breaks down. That will happen again,” he said.

“We don’t care if something happens to Russia – Russia will survive. They only have to change their leadership, it’s not about the Russian people or their territory. They can be wealthy, they can have their gas and oil and be the good guys.”


  1. Some might be good guys, but, as numerous polls have shown, the majority of ruskies are not good guys, but are the same type of filth as their master.

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    • I think the ambassador saw his role as one that tries to put a positive spin on a horrendous situation.
      A Russian government headed by Vladimir Kara-Murza and including people like Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Gary Kasparov would be ideal.
      Sadly the chances of this are at present 0.001%.

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  2. We have all commented on moskovia nazism, perhaps not always accurately, however I offer the thought that the only way moskovia can ever be at peace with the World will be to have a complete hunting down, punishment and rehabilitation of the current regime and its’ supporters as was the case in post WW2 Germany.

    Only when moskovia has gone through the same measures as post WW2 Germany will the rehabilitation and acceptance of moskovia be achieved.

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  3. I don’t agree. Russians have been inbreed over 300 years of their current sick sociopathic personality. It won’t be in my lifetime but that despicable country must be taken apart and perhaps over four or five generations their sick minds maybe repaired. Anyone thinking it’s just leadership are delusional IMHO.

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    • I’m with you Sir Cap. You don’t invade your neighbor and commit such horrible war crimes with so many people without that criminality being ingrained in society so thoroughly and considered normal behavior at home. There is a sickness in Moskovia that will take generations to moderate.
      I think Moskovia must be broken up into small manageable pieces so they can’t threaten their neighbors again. They have been on constant conquests for 300 years though they are already the largest country on earth. That is a sickness.

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    • I agree. There are many ruskies who live in Western Europe, and this for decades, and they STILL support the midget and this war! Living in free and open societies for 10, 20 or even 30 years has not made them be free and open-minded. They have inbred evilness that must be eradicated like weeds.

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