Reznikov calls on Brazil to help with ammunition for Gepard system to protect grain hubs

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov has called on Brazil to help with ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft system to protect grain hubs from Russian attacks.

He said this at a briefing in Odesa on Friday, addressing a Brazilian journalist, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“I will also send a signal to your government, because you also have the opportunity to provide us with ammunition for the Gepard system [German anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery]. They are not only in Switzerland, but also in Brazil, so if you convey such a request from me, I am ready to formalize it,” Reznikov said.

According to him, Ukraine needs ammunition for Gepards for a humanitarian mission, because these systems protect the sky from Iranian drones, so that they do not destroy the logistics and supply systems of grain hubs. “And from these grain hubs, grain, sunflower oil, and corn are supplied to countries facing hunger. Therefore, if you give us these munitions today, we will protect the sky from terrorist drones, which means that this will be a humanitarian mission on your part, because we will save lives and people will not die of hunger in Africa and Asia,” he said.

Brazil adheres to the position of neutrality in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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    • I think it’s a swiss-made system, and except for Switzerland and Brazil nobody has a license to produce or export it, including the ammo.


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