Putin compared Ukrainian refugees in Russia and Europe (video)

The dictator talked about Ukrainian refugees with a laugh.

Putin / Screenshot
Putin / Screenshot

Russian President Vladimir Putin compared Ukrainians who fled the war to Russia with those who left for European countries.

The dictator offered to “feel the difference” between them. He and his entourage laughed, talking about people who had to leave their homes because of the war unleashed by Russia.

“Feel the difference between those people who came to us from Ukraine and those who are in Europe. There they go to restaurants and ask for a discount, and here people ask for a job. That’s how it is,” Putin said.

https://www.unian.ua/player/DaUb0FqRPutin compared Ukrainians in Russia and Europe

Ukrainians in other countries

We will remind that the occupiers forcibly deport Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories. In addition, the Russians  kidnap Ukrainian children and also give them to Russian foster families.

(C)UNIAN 2022


    • Yes, that is a necessary chaser after the Limping Imp’s propaganda…

      “…those people who came to us…”
      Nobody came to you from Ukraine, they were coerced and kidnapped. Why would someone from modern Ukraine decide to go live in a frozen outhouse?

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  1. “The dictator talked about Ukrainian refugees with a laugh.”

    It’s a fake laugh. The pain sits deep in this sewer rat. His entire army is bleeding to death … his meat puppets, his tanks, artillery, missiles, planes, choppers, ships … just everything. This makes us laugh, and this laughing is real.

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