Ukraine Army destroys four Russian ammo depots in south operational zone


Missile troops and artillery units of Ukraine’s Defense Forces carried out on November 2 nearly 150 fire missions and an air strike against an enemy manpower and equipment cluster.

This was reported by Operational Command South, according to Ukrinform.

It has been confirmed that eight Russian servicemen were killed. Ukraine’s forces also destroyed two main battle tanks, a Grad multiple rocket launcher, an IMR-1 barrier engineering machine, nine armored vehicles, four ammunition depots (in the Bashtanka and Beryslav districts), six railway tank cars with fuel.

In addition, a main battle tank, five armored combat vehicles, a Grad MLR system, and a D-20 towed howitzer were damaged. Other losses of the Russians are being verified.

Throughout the day, the occupiers inflicted fire damage on the positions of Ukrainian units, employing warplanes, attack drones, anti-aircraft guns, barrel artillery, mortars, and tanks.

The enemy four times used aviation to attack Ukrainian positions and surrounding settlements along the front line.

Also, over the past day, the occupiers fired 20 Grad salvos at the recently liberated Tryfonivka. The attack brought no casualties.

Overnight Thursday, the Russians attacked an energy infrastructure facility in Dnipropetrovsk region with a kamikaze drone. No casualties were reported.

The Russian naval grouping in the Black Sea consists of seven ships, including a large landing craft and a surface-to-air missile carrier with eight Kalibr cruise missiles on board.


  1. All in all, yesterday was a good day for Ukraine’s forces, having destroyed all those ammo dumps and including 800+ cockroaches and lots of other material.

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