They aren’t whining they are winning!

From the LinkedIn page of Robin Horsfall

November 3, 2022

I never fail to be disappointed on the rare occasions that I sit through the British national news programs. If Vlad Pu needed a propaganda team to work on his behalf he couldn’t do better than go to the BBC. Listening to their ‘even handed’ approach one might be forgiven for thinking that Ukraine was doomed.

Fear, about the winter, fear about the cold, fear about the missiles, fear about the economy, fear about western resolve. Damn they frighten me because I wonder whose side they are on!

What Russia destroys is not as important as how quickly it can be replaced and rebuilt. The power was down in Kyiv yesterday, but hooray! The amazing Ukrainian engineers have restored power in twenty-four hours. The Russians have advanced on Bakhmut again. Hooray! They failed and took huge numbers of casualties. The Russians fired fifty missiles, Hooray! Ukraine shot down forty-six. Vlad Pu ‘Can’t guarantee the security of grain shipments’. They sailed anyway and he did nothing – HOORAY!

Europe is worried about a cold winter, so are the soldiers in Ukraine and they aren’t whining they are winning!

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares

Robin Horsfall

Video from 2016 but it makes the point.


  1. And there you have it. Britain produces people like Robin Horsfall, Ukraine produces people like Volodymyr Zelensky, America produces people like Ronald Reagan and RuZZia produces hordes of psychopathic, hateful, murderous, lying turds and puts them in government, the military, the media and pretty much everywhere else.

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