Russian Army Losing 40 Tanks, BMPs Every Day

Lukashenka’s aid will be “disposed of” in Ukraine in 2.5 days


The Russian army is losing 40 tanks and BMPs a day amid the offensive by the AFU. Russia got at least 100 additional tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from Belarusian stocks.

This was reported by the UK Ministry of Defence on Twitter.

According to the report, Russian soldiers in Ukraine are not happy about being forced to fight in old infantry fighting vehicles, which they call aluminum cans.

“In mid-October, in the face of Ukrainian offensives, Russian armoured vehicle losses rose to more than 40 a day, roughly equivalent to a battalion’s combat efficiency,” the report said.

According to British intelligence, Russia has received at least 100 additional tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from Belarusian stocks in recent weeks.

“Armoured units and artillery are at the heart of Russia’s method of warfare. Mafia forces in Ukraine are currently experiencing problems in part because of difficulties in finding both artillery ammunition and sufficient serviceable armoured vehicles to replace them,” Britain’s Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

We remind you that according to British intelligence, those mobilized from Russia are being sent to the front with weapons from the 1950s.


  1. In the last two weeks there was movement of 80-90 T-72s from belaruzzia to mafialand where they went from there not sure. But possibly went south/southeast on the M-80.
    Rashist are on the struggle bus however in finding later variants of tanks, IFVs, and artillery that are serviceable. As we know mafia has cannibalized stock to line their own pockets. Stuff they are throwing in is missing parts, equipment, and the reactive armor plates.

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