Kyiv to set up 1000 heating points

Authorities in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv are preparing more than 1,000 heating points throughout the city in case its district heating system is disabled by continued Russian attacks, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Wednesday (2 November).

Missile and drone attacks have damaged 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and have already briefly left large parts of Kyiv without power and water, prompting power rationing.

On Wednesday, Klitschko wrote on messaging app Telegram that city authorities were considering different scenarios due to missile attacks.

“The worst one is where there will be no electric power, water or district heating at all,” he said. “For that case, we are preparing over 1,000 heating points in our city.”

The locations will be equipped by generators and have a stock of necessities such as water, he said.

While urging Ukrainians who have already left the country to stay abroad for the winter, the government has accused Russia of provoking a new humanitarian crisis by forcing even more people to flee, scared by the prospects of having to survive with no power or heating during the cold season.

Part of the capital has also been left without power as a result of strikes on critical infrastructure facilities. “There is no running water in several of the city’s districts,” Klitschko said.

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  1. Let me say Mike in all my years I’ve only seen allot of divisiveness among Ukrainians, fighting over pure crap issues. . As horrible as this war is, I think it’s what we needed to finally start behaving as one people. Sure we have differences and will continue to have differences but all that is irrelevant to the fact we’re all Ukrainians.

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  2. For Ukrainians, the choice is very clear; it’s better to freeze and sit in the dark than to be “liberated” by Vlad and his gang of rapists and murderers.

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