AFU Smash Russian Troops Along The Whole Bank Of The Dnipro River Near Kherson

Occupiers’ bases from Antonovsky Bridge to Nova Kakhovka to Hola Prystan were attacked


November 2nd and 3rd were again restless for the occupiers in the Kherson region. At first, Ukrainian artillery once again worked on the Antonovka bridge, and later on Nova Kakhovka and Hola Prystan.

Journalists of the local Telegram channel report that there were blasts in Hola Prystan at the positions of the enemy, as well as at the administration building, where representatives of the occupation authorities were located, reports.

The source reports that in Hola Pristan, Ukrainian artillery fired at enemy positions located on the river bank. Back in October, the occupiers began to build a new defensive line along the river bank. Mostly these are trenches.

Another public, but from Mykolaiv, reports that there were hits at night along the pontoon crossing of Russian troops in Lvove and in the Tiahinka area.

There was a fire in the area of the gateway at night in Nova Kakhovka. Investigative reporters from OSINT said that the fire had not been extinguished by the morning of the 3rd of November. Although the “bangs” were recorded on November 2 at about 19:00. Satellite images show that most of the temporary bridges built by the occupiers were destroyed.

Also on November 2, there were at least 8 hits on the Antonovka bridge in Kherson. Political scientist Vladimir Molchanov said that as a result, the barge used by the occupiers to cross the river was destroyed.

The S-300 air defence system was destroyed at the Spartak stadium. At the same time, the collaborator Stremousov said that within the next two weeks street fighting would begin in Kherson.


  1. The orcs won’t be using these barges for their stolen loot, and once they have stolen everything not nailed down, I believe the orcs will scatter. They don’t have the stomach to fight Ukraine’s military.

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