AFU Liquidate Russian Special Forces Officer Dyatlov, Who Recorded Videos Of His Looting In Ukraine

He was awarded the “Order of Courage” in Russia


Russian special forces officer Vladislav Dyatlov died on September 25 under artillery fire in the village of Davydiv Brid, Kherson Region. A video from his phone showing him bragging about looting in Kherson Region has appeared on the Internet. The video was shot by Dyatlov between April 28 and August, but he had been in Ukraine since winter, judging by the words behind the scenes. The video was published by the War in Ukraine 2022 YouTube channel. Most likely, Dyatlov’s phone was found by AFU fighters and handed over to volunteers, writes Important Stories.

On April 28, Dyatlov shot a video in a two-storey house in the village of Nova Kaminka, Kherson Region, where he “stopped for a halt” with fellow soldier Zuhrab. Judging by social media, it is Zuhrab Magomedov. The men are drinking stolen alcohol. “Soon all the Ukrainians will be beaten up. We will make a genocide,” says Zukhrab. Dyatlov adds: “We will destroy them, only later, we will sit down for a while now.”

In other videos recorded between May and August in other localities in Kherson region, Dyatlov shoots wrecked cars and walks through a dozen residential houses abandoned by their owners. The houses are in a mess, and Dyatlov complains, “There’s nothing left to take, the Ministry of Defence has been here before us”. However, judging by the video, Dyatlov was able to get hryvnias and gold jewellery out of abandoned houses and, at the very least, rode a stolen bicycle.

On September 25, Vladislav Dyatlov was killed during an artillery shelling in the village of Davydiv Brid in Kherson region. On October 4, he was buried. According to the makers of the video, several of Dyatlov’s colleagues also died and several more were taken captive.

Vladislav Dyatlov was 30 years old and came from Kurgan region. He served in a special operations regiment in the Chechen Republic. He was a veteran of combat operations and was awarded the Order “For Service in the Caucasus”.

He was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

Dyatlov was registered on Vkontakte as “Vladislav Veter”. He used to post philosophical quotes on his page (“You can look for everything in this world except love and death. They will find you themselves when the time comes”, “Don’t walk proudly on the ground, you have yet to lie in it”), as well as photographs from trips to the regions of the Caucasus. His workplace is listed on the page as Rosgvardia, and it also states that he served in the 94th operational regiment in the city of Grozny in the Chechen Republic since 2016.


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