Yet another respectable and influential American institution is promoting “land for peace”


  1. This rotten magazine is highly influential; according to wiki.
    Is it reflecting Biden policy or attempting to influence it?
    Or is it reflecting the Trump bloc of the GOP?
    Once you have got through all the blather, it’s essentially a re-run of Kissinger’s drivel.

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      • The Biden administration is a known quantity to the Ukrainians. They have provided tremendous defensive help to keep Ukraine in the game, but have been very weak on offensive capabilities; until the brilliant HIMARS came.
        In short, Biden is willing to help Ukraine defend itself, but is reluctant to provide the capability to drive those nazi fucks out once and for all.
        Elderly Republicans like Roger Wicker and Mitch McConnel would go a lot further; as would younger ones like Marco Rubio.
        But what happens in your upcoming elections? Repubs expect to take control of both houses. What will be the majority of the new intake; Wickerites or Trumpers?

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        • The same Trumpers that issued Javelins to Ukraine 6 years ago? There is currently an audit going on in Ukraine by the US military and so far everything has been transparent. After UA completes this audit I think it will settle down a lot of Republicans who want accountability. I think Zelensky wants to show it too, he’s very proud of what his troops have done with foreign weapons. The US military have been very proud of Ukraine’s performance too. Extremely.
          There was a worry something would get sold, stolen or lost to the Moskali all these years and so far…nothing. This portends VERY well for the good guys.

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              • Bernie and his protege AOC are communists masquerading as democratic socialists. He is intelligent, but decrepit. She is as dumb as a box of hammers, but young, reasonably attractive, still learning and with that ridiculous sing-song voice that American college girls use, has established a certain fan base of morons.
                Both are piss-ass politicians going nowhere.
                The progs in the Dems got slapped down, unlike the Trumpers of the GOP.
                Trump is tremendously popular and seems to building up to a 2024 run. Some really horrible people are supporting him. So I’d say he’s a much bigger threat to Ukrainian interests than the Bernie Marxists. Look how they turned on Mike Pence, who went against his boss on putler and then accepted the election results. “Hang Mike Pence” I think was the catchphrase of the Jan 6 rioters. He has had to have increased personal security since then.
                Pence might run and he seems a decent guy, but he will be no competition for Trump.
                Can you identify any up-and-coming Republicans who will take a hard line on putler and be a serious contender for 2024?

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