Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed three Grad MLRSs, two SPGs, Tor SAM and three ammunition depots in the south

 2 NOVEMBER 2022

The missile and artillery units of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south have completed nearly 160 fire missions over the past 24 hours.

Source: Pivden (South) Operational Command on Facebook

Details: Operational Command reported the following losses for Russian troops: 25 invaders, three Grad multiple rocket launchers, self-propelled large-calibre Akatsiya howitzer, self-propelled Nona mortar, Tor anti-aircraft missile system, 11 units of armoured vehicles, as well as ammunition depots in Bashtanka, Beryslav and Henichesk districts.

The situation in the operational zone near Pivdennyi Buh remains unchanged. It is still difficult, but stays under control.

The Russian invaders carry out defensive actions and try to hold the occupied military lines.

The occupying forces retreated with losses following a skirmish between reconnaissance groups near the village of Dudchany this afternoon.

The Russian troops are attacking the positions of Ukrainian military forces, hromadas (an administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories – ed.) adjacent to the front line and rear areas. The invaders fire on with all available weapons, deploy air force, kamikaze drones, and reconnaissance drones. The air spies carried out over three dozen sorties.

The Russian troops fired on Marhanets hromada of Nikopol district with a MLRS at noon attacking from Energodar vicinity. No casualties or damage have been reported.

The occupying forces also attacked Ukrainian positions from the temporarily occupied Kherson region with two Lancet-type kamikaze attack drones in the Beryslav and Mykolaiv districts. No casualties have been reported.

The Russians continue to fire on a barge with grain in the Buh-Dnipro-Lyman Channel.

The occupying forces used a pair of Ka-52 helicopters four times to attack Ukrainain positions and liberated villages of Kherson Oblast. Russian assault aircraft joined the attack in the afternoon. No casualties have been reported, according to preliminary reports.

The Ukrainian Air Force carried out eight airstrikes targeting concentrations of Russian manpower and military equipment, an anti-aircraft missile system and a strong point.

The group of 10 ships in the Black Sea continues manoeuvres under the cover of the Crimean coast. One airborne corps and one surface missile carrier equipped with eight Kalibr missiles are on standby.


  1. Lots of fighting happening yesterday and a continued whittling down the stump of mafia forces. But, much more is left to do, especially since the cockroaches are getting more material from both Belarus and Iran.
    What will the West do about these problems?

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