The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk region liquidated the commander of the helicopter regiment of PMC “Wagner”


Translated from Ukrainian via Google

“The man with a capital “Z”, the commander of the combat helicopter regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Zangiev Vyacheslav Mikhailovich from Vladikavkaz ruhsag, everything is probably on 10/31/22 in the Mi-8 PMC Wagner shot down near the settlement of Disputed Donetsk region,” the blogger noted -investigator.

Recall, on October 31, Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners shot down another Russian helicopter in the Donetsk region. True, this time it was not the already familiar Ka-52 “Alligator” that managed to land, but the less commonly used Mi-8.

Russian propagandists immediately tried to “steal” the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – and stated that on the video published on the network – the downing of not a Russian, but a Ukrainian helicopter.

However, later in Russia they recognized the loss of the helicopter. As it turned out, it was used by mercenaries of the Wagner Group PMC, and at the time of the downing, up to 2 dozen Russian officers could be on board the “bird”.

At the same time, the helicopter itself previously belonged to the Belarusian army: on its wreckage one can see the painted over, but still readable tail number and the flag of Belarus.

Recall, earlier it became known that  the deputy commander of the Ossetia battalion was liquidated in Ukraine. He could also fight in the ranks of the Wagner Group PMC.


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